The Fire in the Borgo

The Fire in the Borgo Is the most complex of the four episodes. It is full of references to classical antiquity, medieval architecture at the time of the Church’s affirmation, and themes used by contemporary artists. It celebrates the intercession of the Pope, by whose grace a fire that spread through the Borgo, a popular

Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti was born on October 10, 1901, in Borgonovo, Switzerland, and grew up in the nearby town of Stampa. His father, Giovanni, was a post-impressionist painter. From 1919 to 1920, he studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and sculpture and drawing at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Geneva. In 1920, he

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor Anish Kapoor is one of the most influential sculptors of his generation. Perhaps most famous for his public sculptures which are both adventures in form and feats of engineering, Kapoor maneuvers between very different scales, across many series of works. Huge PVC skins, stretched or deflated; concave or convex mirrors whose reflections attract